A natural alternative to Botox, fillers and surgical procedures, microcurrent facial treatments are a breakthrough technology and an effective anti-aging treatment which visibly contours the face, lifts sagging muscles and reduces fine lines and wrinkles of the face and neck. This technically-advanced facial treatment stimulates muscle activity through sub-sensory electrical pulses which tone more than 30 targeted facial muscles. The result is skin that is re-hydrated, lifted, firmer, with a revitalized appearance.



What are some additional benefits?

  • Lift and tighten brow and jaw lines, lift droopy eyelids

  • Enhance facial contour for a more sculpted look

  • Reduce and erase fine lines and wrinkles

  • Decrease puffiness and inflammation

  • Promote firmer, smoother skin texture and tone

  • Increase blood circulation by 38%

  • Promote collagen production by 14%

  • Increase elastin production by 48%

  • Dramatically increase ATP (adenosine triphosphate)


This treatment includes manual exfoliation, microcurrent treatment of the face and neck, followed by a finishing masque for tightening and revitalizing.


Microcurrent facial toning is cumulative, the more treatments you have, the more improvement you will see in your face. Most people get at least 6-12 treatments to get their desired results but can notice results within 3-4 treatments.

Contraindications for Microcurrent Treatment:

  • Electrical implanted device such as a pacemaker

  • Epilepsy; History of Seizures

  • Active Cancer

  • Heart Conditions: Consult with physician

  • Diabetes: Consult with physician

  • Recent Facial Surgery

Single Session $125.00

Package of 6 Sessions $665.00