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Why Lightwave:

LIGHTWAVEs patented Red, Infrared & Blue Light therapy can dramatically revitalize your skin without any downtime or discomfort. Our innovative aesthetic treatments help counteract years of sun damage, environmental damage, aging, acne and acne scarring. LIGHTWAVE provides noticeable results, often in a couple of treatments, without the high cost and downtime of other more expensive treatment options.

Long Term Results of LED Therapy:

-Repairs damaged tissues

-Increases moisture retention

-Increases lymphatic system drainage-detoxifying the skin tissue

-Smooths out uneven pigmentation for more consistent coloration

-Thickens and firms skin

-Increases production of collagen and elastin reducing flaccidity and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


LED Treatments for:

-Anti Aging



-Preventative Care

-Flaccid Skin


-Mild to moderate acne

LED Facial Treatment: Single session $70  ~  Package of 6 $354

Add on to facial $35

Why Topical Light Infusion:

Topical Light Infusion is the only light based facial infusion technology available that safely and effectively addresses a variety of cosmetic concerns and is far superior to other infusion technologies currently available. Unlike traditional LED light therapy, Topical Light Infusion's active facial infusion systems are intended to combine colors of light and photo energy with topicals to directly affect the tissue being treated. Topical Light Infusion uses specific doses of visible light energy to propel photon energy into various layers of the skin.

-Noticeable results are seen much quicker

-More effective results are achieved

-Benefits are longer lasting

-Overall client satisfaction is increased

Topical Light Infusion Treatment: Single session $90  ~ Package of 6 $474

Add on to facial $55

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